Puerto Castillo

Règles pour se baigner avec les lions de mer

  1. For health and safety reasons, it is not possible for pregnant women, customers who suffer from asthma, heart conditions or epilepsy, to take part in the interaction. Customers with special needs have to be accompanied by an adult, and this must be mentioned at the time of booking.
  2. Children between 5 and 7 years old have to be accompanied by an adult, who also has to pay for the activity.

  3. In case of deciding to abandon the activity, no refund will be issued.

  4. The use of make up and sun protection is no allowed.

  5. Customers are required to remove all jewellery, watches and accessories (glasses, phones, cameras, etc.) before taking part in the interaction.

  6. Customers will be denied entrance if they are under the influence of drugs/alcohol, and no refund will be issued.

  7. The trainers don’t force the animals to perform any activity, so we reserve the right to cancel the interaction at any point if we consider this necessary for the welfare of the animals. Should this happen, you can request to reschedule the activity or a refund.

  8. The use of a life vest is mandatory.

  9. You have to arrive 15 minutes early for the activity. There will be no refunds if you arrive after the activity has started.

  10. All participants have to treat the animals with respect and care, avoiding any action or behaviour that could cause distress to the animals.

  11. Each participant is responsible for their physical and mental ability to understand and follow the trainer’s instructions at all times during the activity, for the wellbeing of all parties involved.

Not complying can result in customers being excluded from the remainder of the activity, WITHOUT being entitled to a refund.

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